The main purpose of this club is to get you faster so you can reach your goals. The best way to do that is to push yourself through a variety of workouts.

The Bucks County Speedsters host two different types of workouts:

  • Hill Workouts: The hills and distances also vary from week to week. They usually involve running up hills of varying lengths, while jogging back down to the start. Hill workouts help increase your running efficiency and ability to tackle those hills, while saving your legs from their usual pounding on the roads. Example: 6x500m (to the cone), recovery jog back to the start.
  • Track Workouts: The workouts vary week to week. They usually involve running fast for a certain distance or time interval with a rest distance or time in between. Track workouts help improve your speed and endurance. Example: 4x1000m with 400m rest between each interval.
Workout Tips
  • Hydrate well all day, not just the hour before the workout.
  • After you warm-up, stretch to decrease the risk of injury.
  • If possible, do not walk during your cool-down as this will prevent your body from getting the most out of the workout.
  • Try to maintain good form to maximize your speed and prevent injury.
Workout Calendar
Club Events
  • 1st Thursday of Every Month @ 7:30pm: Club Social at Sycamore Grill!
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