Club Mission Statement

The Bucks County Speedsters is a non-profit Track Club that prides itself on helping local runners of every level improve their running abilities. Our founders channeled their love for running and coaching and combined the two with their knowledge of the sport, resulting in countless runners getting healthier, faster, and gaining the knowhow to complete races of distances ranging from 5k to 50k. The Bucks County Speedsters practice on local tracks and in and around Tyler State Park.


Simple Rules

As a member of the club, we have a few simple rules that we ask that you follow:

  • Please make sure to treat everyone with respect regardless of their goals and abilities.
  • For your safety, and the safety of others, please follow standard track etiquette when running on the track.
  • Since it is up to each runner to do his or her workout, please bring a watch or other time-measuring device to time yourself.
  • For your safety and the safety of other runners, please do not wear headphones.
  • Most of all work hard and have fun!